Memory catching

These week, when the kids were in bed and Nick and I were reclined in the living room, I finally caught up with my journaling. Georgie’s baby book is now complete and stored away with Beau’s, and I’m up-to-date with my private journals to them – a project I started with great enthusiasm about 12 months ago, before they almost immediately fell under a pile of miscellany on my desk for the following year. Continue reading

Dear Beau

being big brother // I took this photo yesterday morning, after breakfast – as is our morning routine, you and Georgie were watching some children’s TV, whilst I pottered about getting myself ready for the day – the way I captured you looking at your sister exemplifies the kind of brother that you are to her. Just after she was born, people would say to you: “oh how lucky you are to have a little sister.” And I would always reply: “and how lucky she is to have him.” Continue reading

This Easter

Georgie naps, Beau is at kindy, and the washing is hanging on the line. There are a number of others things I could be doing right now… meals to prepare, a house in desperate need of a clean, boxes of warmer clothing to sort out (suddenly it’s a LOT colder!), and there’s also an empty suitcase waiting to be packed for our holiday that’s now less than 3 days away… Continue reading