It’s winter next week, here in New Zealand. Which means that finally we must accept summer is over…

This last summer was so wonderful for our little family. Georgie woke up to the world and we enjoyed lots of family time, in gentle rhythms – by the beach, picking strawberries, and settling into this new life as a family of four.

The Autumn has been golden, and the winter is welcome… but already we dream of next summer. And all the summers to come.

Beau starts preschool

Beau started preschool at the beginning of Autumn. It’s just a couple of weeks now until the winter-time, so it’s taken me some time to find the words to express how I feel about it.

To be honest, though – I still haven’t found the best words. It has been such a wonderful journey so far – a natural and easy transition for him, and for us – but oh my goodness my emotions. I’ve been all over the place and back again.

There has been the joy, the gratitude, the relief, and the pride. There has been the occasional hint of anxiety, and, alongside all of this, there has been sadness. One minute I was pregnant, then I had a new baby, then this little darling who filled my days with an easy love and consuming happiness… but then before I even knew it I was pregnant again, with a new baby, and he somehow went from two to three in the blink of an eye and soon enough he will be four and it’s all going so quickly, like a snowball down a great hill, and I have no chance of catching up.

I know he’s only three and a half, and it’s only preschool three days a week, but I feel as though this little lion heart of mine has already let go of me. That first little step feels like the furthest.

“Please don’t turn around and grow up way too fast…”

Thanks to my wonderful friend and kindred spirit mama, Amy of Be and Bloom, for introducing me to this beautiful song by Mindy Gledhill (in video, below). It was just what I needed. A moment to gather my memories, with words far more perfect that I could have hoped to write… and the realisation that my baby hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s right where he’s always been – he’s just growing up.

For you, Beau. For your first and most biggest step out into the world, for all the steps to follow, and for how happy and proud and wonderful you make me feel.

Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow, everyone.

May you know how loved and valuable you are.

A Day in the Life

Someday I will look back on these videos and laugh, affectionately, at my novice videography skills. I’ll be grateful I made them, though… because it was a start. And we’ve all got to start somewhere.

I’m not sure how frequently I will make videos of A Day in the Life – but this is the first. Just a typical Monday with a baby and a preschooler. I did manage to put my feet up for a few minutes in the afternoon… if you look closely, you might just see it!

Shot on my iPhone (although you can probably tell that).

For you, my darlings.



Georgie’s 6 month update

Our little Georgie girl is now 7 months old… which means her “6 month update” is actually a month late. But I’d rather post her 6 month update a month late, than post her ‘7 month update,’ because I have a thing for even numbers and it just sounds really awkward. (This might help you to get to know me a little better… I’m really quite particular, but also a bit of a kook). Continue reading