Hello, and welcome to my blog!

Love Letters to Baby celebrates motherhood and is a memoir in the making for my children.

Here you will find my musings on marriage, motherhood, and mindful living – as well as snapshots of our family life in NZ; we’re passionate about travel, holistic wellness, and creative expression.

Originally from the U.K., I now live in New Zealand with my kiwi husband, Nick, and our two children, Beau and Georgie. I am a full-time mama, part-time Celebrant, and sometime writer… (my intentions for this blog are far greater than my time currently permits!). Nick and I also share a dream of creating children’s books together someday.

Love Letters to Baby  is a space for me to share my experiences and capture our memories, as well as provide a platform where I can offer a little wisdom (ever evolving, of course!) and encourage mothers to take the very best care of themselves. Dads too, actually! I hope to connect with other parents who are walking/have walked a similar path, and create a little online village between us.

Thank you for stopping by; you are most welcome here.

Hayley x

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