Hello, big brother! // a board-book

{This is the first draft of a little board-book I’m making for Beau, from baby. I’m currently deciding whether to use photos, find graphics, or have Nick draw pictures to accompany the words. And then I will need to find a business who print customisable board-books! Beau will be gifting baby a teddy bear, and then we will give him this. I hope it makes him feel special and needed, in his transition to “big brother.” It’s only 8/9 weeks to go until our little one will join us!}


Hello, big brother!

I know you’ve been waiting
(You’ve had such a long wait!)
It’s so nice to meet you!
I think you are great!

Big brothers are fun
And big brothers are kind
I need a big brother
And I’m so glad you’re mine!

We’ll play lots of games
We’ll share all our toys
Sometimes we’ll sleep…
And then we’ll make lots of noise!

So many adventures,
I can’t wait to see!
You know… you once were a baby,
Just like me!

And now you are bigger
Mummy says you have grown
And now that I’m here
You won’t be alone

Sometimes we’ll fight
And sometimes we’ll cry
But always, my brother
You’ll be by my side

I think you are clever
And I think you are strong
Your smile is so BIG
And your legs they are long!

Soon I’ll be bigger
I’ll be grown just like you
You’ll show me the way
You’ll know what to do

So ‘Thank you’ big brother
I love you already
I love you SO MUCH
And I love my new teddy!

I’ll be small for a while
And I need lots of cuddles
Hugs from mummy and daddy
And LOTS of Beau snuggles!

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