Ecstatic Dance

On the last day of winter, Nick and I had our monthly date night – a shamanic sound journey & ecstatic dance, hosted by Will and Claire of Elevation NZ at the Blockhouse Bay Boat Club.

I’ve written about Will and Claire, and their sound journeys, quite a bit in my blog lately… they’ve had such a positive impact on my life and spiritual journey, ever since I first met them at a yoga festival 18 months ago… but, sadly, this will be the last time I write about them for a while (ah, the grip on my heart!) because they are moving back to the northern hemisphere, where their beautiful work will continue in Claire’s native France.

Despite the warm happiness I feel for them, following their hearts’ call – I am genuinely saddened by their imminent departure. We didn’t quite know one another on a personal level, but I feel like dear friends are leaving the country, without any certainty of when I will see them again.

They really are the most beautiful souls, both grounded and ethereal, and with them I have always felt so safe, secure, loved, and welcome. Welcome in the entirety of my being. They came into my life just when I needed them most, with an energy that I gravitated towards, like an eager moth to a midsummer flame. It’s not often you cross paths with people who are so profoundly enlightening – and they’ve opened up a conscious community for me, one in which I feel I’ve always belonged and have long been searching for. Their leaving will leave such a gap in my life.

But of course gaps open and close. People come, and people go. One journey will lead into another… and perhaps I will cross paths with them again someday. But until then, thank you Claire and Will – for opening your hearts, and inviting me to open mine.

Thank you so, so much.


I really enjoyed this date night with Nick, it was such a beautiful thing to do together – really nurturing and connecting, at a time we’re otherwise feeling quite scattered on the wind.

We got lost on the way (thanks to google maps!), and ended up having to walk through some bush until we got to the water and found the boat club. Nick then went back to the car to collect our pillows and blanket, whilst I found us a spot and rolled out our yoga mats, letting the gentle energy of the room ground me.

When Nick arrived it wasn’t too long before the sound journey was to begin -Will took the time to circle the room giving everyone hugs before things began, and then after they both expressed their gratitude for the time they’ve had in New Zealand, we were guided into the sound journey with another of their beautiful meditations.

I must admit, I was all over the place and didn’t sink into my subconscious hardly at all during the 1.5 hour journey. I was very fidgety, feeling pain in my lower back and ankles, and my chest felt so tight and heavy. I just couldn’t let go, switch off, or sink in – I felt so conscious, so wide awake. My mind jumped from one thing to the next, so erratically, so frantically.

So, eventually, I gave in and surrendered; I just enjoyed the sounds, aware of Nick breathing next to me, and I moved whenever I felt uncomfortable. I accepted that this was perhaps necessary for me – to be aware of my physical body and just how much negative energy I had been carrying. Understandable, given the tense time we are in, but something to be mindful of none-the-less.

After the sound journey ended, we were transitioned seamlessly into an ecstatic dance… gradually the room awakened and started to come back to consciousness, and I watched this happen amongst everyone, almost in unison.

I had never been to an ecstatic dance party before, so I didn’t know what to expect. But soon I realised there were no expectations – all we were invited to do, by the music itself, was to move our bodies freely, however we wished, gradually losing ourselves into an increasingly trance-like state. I loved how free and easy it felt – I was tired, heavy, and a little self conscious – but feeling a room free of judgement, feeling my body’s rhythm mirror that of the music, and feeling the closeness of Nick as we held hands and embraced and moved together felt really lovely, if not ecstatic.

We didn’t stay long – unfortunately we forgot to bring cash, so couldn’t purchase any cacao or chai, and we were really rather hungry and eager to head home. So we soon made our farewells – said our ‘see you laters,’ not our ‘goodbyes’! – and then we quietly made our way past the water and back to our car, with the sounds of the party drumming into the distance.

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