5 week focus

Following on from yesterday’s blog, with so much up in the air and a big overseas trip imminent, it’s time to reclaim some focus.

We’re not sure exactly what our next steps will need to be after we return, but we do have this wonderful month of travel to figure lots of things out. Not the kind of figuring out that requires deep discussions and pens and paper and plans. But the kind of figuring out that requires reconnecting, embracing a change of scene, and looking at things differently. What we want to do will start to become clear. And what we need to do will follow accordingly.

We always knew that this trip would be an opportunity for us to pause and take stock, because we planned it so. Everything about its timing just feels so right & we can’t wait to get going! We’ll be letting down our hair; having a whole lot of fun; and celebrating one very wonderful life stage, as it moves into the next. The ‘school years’ are nearly ready to begin!

But before they do – how special it is going to be, taking my family to all the places of my own childhood (and indeed much of my adulthood, too). My two worlds will finally meet. And I think that in itself will be deeply nurturing, and affirming, in a way I have long needed.

And so, in order for this trip to be full of all the goodness it promises – we need to be focused over the next 5 weeks!

The kids are currently recovering from seasonal colds – so there will be lots of focus around wellness and rest. Nick will be working things out with the business, so there will be lots of focus on down-time and saying no to things outside of our family’s rhythm. And I intend to be thoroughly organised and well prepared. My to do list will be kept realistic (eg last year’s photo albums will not get done before we go, so don’t try!).

For the next 5 weeks:

  • Stop watching TV once the kids are in bed (on weeknights), and
  • Commit to 9.30pm bedtimes;
  • Maintain those wintery wellness remedies;
  • Prioritise a daily walk; and
  • A weekly yoga class, to use up my concession card.
  • Try and get to the elevation studio for one more sound journey before we go (Will and Claire are actually moving back to Europe in September – sob!).

Also, for the next 5 weeks:

  • Draft all ceremony scripts for my Oct-Dec weddings;
  • Book dance classes for Beau’s birthday gift;
  • Send kindy invites for Beau’s birthday party + do any party prep I can;
  • Have another clear out + make some Trademe sales (= extra travel funds!);
  • Have a very strict packing list, and get our suitcases packed 2 weeks before we go (easy when we’re travelling from winter to summer);
  • Do a general house clean the week before;
  • Book myself a haircut for the week before;
  • Contact family & friends to remind them of our travel dates;
  • Write myself a to do list for when we return… that I can pin to my noticeboard and then forget about until October!

And, perhaps most importantly:

  • Say no to the things that I can’t manage right now. Just focus on us. 

There are very few people who know what’s going on for us right now (as well as any lovely blog readers I don’t know about that is!). We’ve got some big stuff going down, and we don’t need to be available right now. It’s a time to focus on what really matters.

I’m going to go for a walk with Georgie now, and then I’ll make a potato and leek soup (if Nick and Beau don’t make a start when we’re out 🤞🏻).

And this is a reminder to myself to remain present.


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  1. Take care hun. No need to respond. Just look after yourselves & have a tremendous family holiday together back in your home land. Xoxo

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