Notes on Autumn 🍂

The nights are dark and the days distinctly cooler; winter has arrived.

We’ve spent the last week living in some kind of chinese laundry – as the dark clouds and intermittent rain-pours have rendered the laundry dysfunctional.  Add to that it being a short week, after a long weekend, and a slow one, with Beau at home due to suspected hand, foot, and mouth (which he is fortunately free from) – this winter has started in a beautifully slow and relaxed manner.

Beau was able to get to kindy yesterday, at least – which meant I could do the grocery shopping and visit the refillery, with just one pair of explorative hands not two (the difference it makes!) – and now it’s Friday again. And raining. Again.

So still there’s the laundry, and there’s the dishes, and the plans (not to mention the need) to get out of the house with them – to run along a beach, or clamber over a playground, or kick a ball amongst the grass – but instead we’re not bothered about all that and we’re just here instead. All three of us, still in pajamas, and gathered around the coffee table – me, with my laptop and photos and blog; Beau with his LEGO and paper and pens; and Georgie with her puzzles and crayons and now the box of musical instruments that are intermittently being thrust at me.

I’ve just taken pause to play on the ukulele – the unexpected joy at losing myself to the strumming and the unexpected sounds filling the room. Georgie danced and span til she fell over.

Beau smiles up at me, telling me about his latest LEGO creation – a vehicle with a propellers and wings and skis, so it can “go in the water, and it can drive, fly, skate.” He’s informed me that raisins are actually dried up grapes. “How did you know that Beau?” “Because I’ve seen it right there on the packet!” He’s not currently eating raisins, nor do we have any of those little boxes in the house. How does your mind work, my love?! He’s now singing along to the radio, changing as many words as he can to “penis.”

Georgie has started asking for the TV to go on… “baby bum,” or “Emma,” or “pingu”… but I’m resisting. We’ve had too many TV-heavy days lately. The rain is now falling down even heavier outside, it would be so much easier to relent, but still I’m resisting. The squawks will soon stop. And my head will stop spinning when I start embracing these days of distraction and their constant demands, and learn to breath deeper and to sit more comfortably with “no.”

Beau just gave me the biggest most spontaneous full body hug! I didn’t realise I had missed them! 

We’ve narrowly avoided a full throttle melt down from Georgie over a missing puzzle piece, because “I fwound it. I fwound it.” I love how she pronounces her ‘f’s that way.

And now, she naps. Beau and I have a little more calm, a little more space on the coffee table – I’ll finish this blog post whilst he’s playing with cardboard and scissors and tape (my word, he just made windpipes out of plastic tubes in his craft box!). Then I’ll straighten up the house before pulling out the raincoats… I’ll get us out into the garden, if we don’t manage the park, at least.

A day in early winter, still in PJs, taking note of the Autumn…

Notes on Autumn 🍂

I wrote a blog post at the start of the season/end of summer: “Autumnal projects + a bucket list.”

Checking in with that list:

“Autumnal projects underway”

  • Declutter / minimalise our home; great progress has been made! We certainly weren’t hoarders, and were fairly organised to begin with, but it was so satisfactory to purge the kitchen cupboards; organise the kids toy boxes; and cull our wardrobes. The garage is full of books to be donated, and still there is more to let go of. I realised just how entrenched we are in the culture of materialism and consumerism. It’s hopefully the start of long-term change.
  • Sell any quality unwanted items, to contribute to our travel funds; yes! We sold our no-longer-needed baby items, at a market and on TradeMe, and made enough money to take the kids to Legoland when we get to England, as well as Longleat Safari Park, and the National Motor Museum (tickets all purchased!). A great feeling.
  • Update my website to be more of a portfolio (of sorts); done!
  • Develop and promote my Celebrant business for the 2019/20 season, including: network with the managers of local wedding venues; create packages for other services/ceremonies I can offer; check out the Celebrant School’s programme and pencil in a date for completing their funeral module later this year/next; and incorporate hand-typed lettering as an add-on. On this months to do list! Although new Wedding enquiries for 19/20 have been trickling in, keeping me busy enough. I got to do my first Naming Ceremony in March (aside from my own two children’s). And the funeral training module will have to be next year, as the Auckland course runs when we’re away.
  • Catch up with this blog – inasmuch as all of the drafted posts I’ve started since Georgie arrived, which are now fastly approaching 2 years old. I want to write about “Not a VBAC,” and my “babymoon cocoon” and “becoming a mum, again,” amongst other topics. I want to write about these things before they are totally gone. I blogged exactly 40 times in the Autumn months! Loving it! In the next couple of weeks the blogs on my to write list (“Not a VBAC” etc) will get written too.
  • Complete a photography course and outline a project for our UK trip; I have a course all booked in, ready to learn the technical side of things. And a coffee table book “project” already in mind for the trip. It will be a development of my personal photobooks, and a practice for future things.
  • Write some poetry from the scatterings of thoughts repeating in my mind; just last night I had a message from a friend, reminding me how one of my poems last year spoke to her, and inspiring me to write more + share again.
  • Develop my film-making and do something a little different, maybe make one that incorporates my poetry/spoken word; lots of videography being done, lots of learning, lots of enjoying
  • Make an appointment with the post-graduate office at Massey’s School of Psychology, just to start a conversation about options and paths, and perhaps do the same at the Whitecliffe College of Arts, regarding their MA in Art Therapy; I know I should do this sooner rather than later – because when I’m ready to study psych again I will have needed to have enrolled much earlier than this, as per deadlines. But I’m just not ready to right now after all. We’ll see.
  • Lose the last of my ‘baby weight’ – yes, this matters to me– I’m 7kg down in as many weeks (so halfway there) and finally feeling the benefits of my return to fitness; currently losing the last half 😊
  • Enjoy the rhythmic nature of our current family life, especially making the most of our quality time together on Sundays. ALL THE YESES!

A refillable bucket list 💫

This is the bucket list I drew up, for the Autumn. I’m not an illustrator!

There was less in the way of outings and activities, as there had been on the summer list. It was more about the rhythm of our days, finding focus and setting intent. As well as a few specific tasks to complete.

I’ll now be writing “WINTER” underneath, and moving with this into a new season. There are lots of things to continue enjoying.

This, along with our current family rhythm, is leaving me feeling all focused, and calm, and energised. Generally speaking!

Do you count down to warmer months returning as soon as winter draws near? Or do you enjoy these cooler, darker seasons and all they can bring? Nick still tries to resist them, to be honest, but slowly I’m winning him over, I think. 😉

Embracing life’s seasons is one of my most favourite things – a practice itself in gratitude and mindfulness, and joyful living.

Did you see our Autumn video? 🎥

With love for the winter,

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