On being ‘mostly’ vegan

Yesterday was Sunday, and my brother’s 30th birthday – so we had a big family get together at my parents’ place to celebrate.

The kids ran around outside, as the sun set – kicking balls, playing tag, swinging on the swing set Grandad built. Then we all gathered in their bar/rumpus room, to eat.

Mum and Dad had made little crispy chicken nuggets with fries, for the little ones. Whilst we adults had my brother’s favourite – a roast chook and all the trimmings.

This was not vegan. Obviously. Nor was it ‘diet friendly’ (I’m currently committed to losing the remainder of my ‘baby weight,’ and happily doing so). But it was very much enjoyed, guilt-free.

What was also enjoyed guilt-free, was the lemony sponge cake Megan made; the Oreo cookies I ate in the kitchen with a cup of tea, whilst Joe told us all about his new career as a prison guard; and the late night the kids had, going to bed for the second night in a row without a bath/shower.

I’m now taking 10 minutes to write this blog, whilst Georgie watches Little Baby Bum on the TV for the second (ok, third) time today – because very soon it’s time to go and get Beau from kindy again.

The laundry from the weekend has just been folded, ready to be put away, but the load in the machine (washed before breakfast) can hang on a little longer – probably until this evening.

I had planned to go to yoga tonight, as I’ve not been managing the Saturday classes lately… but already I’m planning a cosy night with Nick instead. Pulling on my freshly laundered PJs, sticking on the kettle, and curling up with a blanket, a book, and intermittent TV viewing seems like the perfect way to spend a Monday evening to me.

I wish you a week filled with grace, kindness, and doing exactly what is best for you.

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