Sunday afternoons

Things are starting to flow again, after a bumpy few weeks feeling the ebb.

Maybe it’s because it’s now less than 6 weeks until our long awaited UK trip (excitement now building!); maybe it’s all the loveliness of meeting new couples and booking new Weddings for the summer; maybe it’s seeing Beau and Georgie grow and flourish and how I’m really enjoying this playful and curious stage they are both at; or maybe it’s the fact I let myself ebb, and slowly, but surely, I’m restoring.

I need to continue practicing positive self talk; I need to fall back in love with who I am. Motherhood can leave you really scrutinising your every thought, feeling, and move – especially if you are a highly sensitive empath to begin with – it can leave you questioning if you’re even worthy enough to raise these wonderful people you’ve been blessed with. Well, I AM WORTHY. I AM GOOD. And I AM WELL.

This weekend has been really lovely – Thursday night we had my brother Joe come for dinner and I made vegan burritos (he’s moving local so we’ll see him for dinner more often, yay!); Friday night Nick and I had our monthly date, whilst the kids were with my Mum and got to skype their Great Grandma in England, who they’ll finally get to meet soon; Saturday I met two amazing new couples, both booking me in for their summer weddings – yay! – one being a Persian-kiwi fusion, the other being a big fun Catholic wedding and a bride as mad for Outlander as I am!; and then I finally managed to get to yoga class.

This morning I woke up with the start of a cold – so, to thwart it’s onset, I opted to stay home with Georgie (not make her 7.30am swim class), whilst Nick went with Beau, and I postponed a meeting I had with a couple in Cornwall Park at 11am, which they gratefully understood.

Instead, I’ve had a nice long shower before getting back into my in PJs; caught up with some Celebrant work and life admin; heard Beau express his happiness at building LEGO with Nick; and watched Georgie delight in the banana-choc muffins I baked.

With the sun continuing to stream in through the open living room windows, I might pop on the radio, fold some laundry, maybe start a new library book… and enjoy another long, slow Sunday afternoon to restore.

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