The Full Moon Project πŸŒ™

It’s a full moon tonight. Tomorrow we were supposed to be flying to the UK, on our long awaited trip… we would have been away for a whole month, arriving home again on the next full moon…

I didn’t book it that way, it was just a coincidence – one which I noticed when I was rearranging our plans a couple of weeks ago. (As per previous blog posts, we will now be going next year).

We’re remaining very level-headed about it all – as, essentially, the timing of everything is working out for the best. But never-the-less, I wanted to do something with this lunar month – something which might honour our grounding and be really beneficial for me.

Insert: The Full Moon Project!

Initially, I think, I was just after a pleasant distraction from not going on the trip… I wondered if I should do a creative project of some kind, like 30 days of poetry writing or something, to produce something out of it at the end… but as the time drew closer I realised what I really need is some solid self care. I’m really not taking the best care of myself at all – too many late nights, not enough exercise, lazy eating habits, etc – and I am really suffering now because of it. I want my energy back. I want to un-dull my sparkle!

So I just need to bring it back to basics and sort myself out. I know what to do.Β All that stuff about recovery and restoration… it’s really more about reclamation… I’m nearly two years postpartum after my second baby now – it’s definitely time! (See my previous blog post on: “Recovering after two kids.“)

For the next 30 days – from one full moon to the next – I will be prioritising those things which I know make me feel my best.

The simple things:

  • early bedtimes
  • eating right (for me)
  • daily exercise
  • and playfulness*

*this book might be fun!

I invite you to join me, in whatever way you might need – maybe you will follow my journey (either through the stories I might post on Instagram @hayleygreer_, or by keeping your eye out for my blog post at the end of the month, to see how I get on), or maybe you will follow along in your own way – doing a Full Moon Project all of your own? How might that look for you?

What is something you’ve been neglecting to do for yourself? What have you let slip? What is something you can fix in order to improve things in your life? What lights you up?

Life will carry on as normal of course – with all of the responsibilities and tasks, which each of us have in our lives – but underneath, first and foremost, there will be a priority on taking the best care of myself. And a commitment to returning to that best version of me.

It’s never too late to do what’s best for you.

With love,

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