Winter’s wellness remedies 🌿

This is the post I write about how well we’ve all been, right before we all come down with the flu or something. But I do like living on the edge!…

So, in a bold move of tempting fate, these are the wellness remedies I’ve been swearing by over the last few years. Generally speaking – we might come down with the odd cold as the seasons change, but by amping up these remedies we do tend to all bounce back after just a few days of being under the weather. (Whoop there I go – so bold and frivolous! Fate will be laughing at me, I’m sure!).

Here’s my personal list, in something of a descending order (as in – if nothing else, get good rest and keep hydrated):

  1. Get good restif you’re not managing those early nights (I totally am not), at least start the day without rushing; take a good break during the daytime, when you can; and spend the evenings really relaxing – dim the lights; invest in good quality sleepwear; aromatherapy… (cancelling plans is always acceptable, too).
  2. Drink lots of waterkeeping well hydrated helps me more than anything else. I’ve gone to bed so many times with the dreaded ‘start of a sore throat’ etc, and it’s been quickly thwarted just with a big glass of water – both before and after sleeping – and making sure to drink plenty the next day too.
  3. Get your vegetables in yaeat lots of warming dishes like minestrone soups, dhals and curries, roast root veggie salads, etc. Eat the seasonal rainbow.
  4. Garlic, ginger, turmeric, repeatI put garlic in all the things, and eat raw ginger and turmeric root in a smoothie (with 1/2 an orange, some frozen mango, nut mylk of choice, blob of coconut yoghurt, and a dash of cinnamon). I swear by the turmeric, I really do (lauded for it’s levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties).
  5. Seasonal supplements + remediesthe ones that seem to really support us are: Zinc + Vit C (especially when feeling the onset of a sore throat, or the nag of a headache); Elderberry syrup (esp for kids – Beau has it in the morning, before kindy); and Vit D in the form of winter sunshine as much as poss. (We also take B12 + an Omega supplement, as we’re predominantly plant-based and won’t get adequate DHA and EPA from a vegan diet);

  6. Fresh air and winter sun for the win – there will always be opportunities to step out into the sun, even if they are few and far between and might require you rugging up from tip to toe. Definitely don’t spend all day (at least not every day) indoors – but, if you have to, seek the light and step into it.
  7. And finally, try not to get lost within the deep pull of introversionsuch as the realms of the bottomless internet, where self proclaimed experts penning opinion pieces run amok. Let the season of hibernation be about self reflection, not self scrutiny. Recognise and release the need to define and explain yourself, and embrace instead the call of your own heart’s wisdom.

What wellness tips do you have for the wintery months? Is this a season of restoration and repair for you, or a dreary time to push through?

Take care, my friends.

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