5 favourite things

A gratitude exercise, of sorts. 5 favourite things, that Beau made this week.

My creative little soul, my deep thinker, he’s decided he wants to be a sculptor. And then next minute I heard Elton singing that line from my favourite song of his and I sobbed my eyes out in the dark of the theatre, you know, as a mama is want to do.

”…this one’s for you.”

 Making something new out of older creations, a coming together. Already a reinventor.

So meticulously painted. He knew exactly what he wanted that rainy day, when I suggested a trip to the mall.

Too many amazing LEGO constructions to mention. This one had two levels of seating and quite the story of adventure.

He made a countdown to our big trip! Each post-it represents something specific to him. He made this the other day when Georgie was napping, and I was hand-typing someone’s wedding vows, and the post-it pad was left unattended.

A hedgehog.

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