Beau’s 5th birthday (omg!): gift ideas

We’re fast approaching our first born’s 5th birthday (omg!) – and I intend to embrace this opportunity to celebrate him & acknowledge this exciting / terrifying milestone in our lives fully. (You know what I’m like – certainly not a stranger to getting carried away!).

It’s a huge milestone for a kid + his parents – a coming of age and the beginning of the next, decade-long chapter in their lives: the school years.

We actually aren’t planning on enrolling him into school until he is closer to six (I might write about that in more detail in another blog post, as there are a number of reasons why – including: 1. we’re due to buy our first house/build sometime between those two birthdays, in a location still to be determined, and I’d rather he started school for the first time at a school he can settle into rather than imminently have to move from; 2. we’re not ready, frankly! – for there is no going back once they start the formal schooling journey & we’re contemplating an extended period of travel before settling down into it all; and, 3., at the moment he is still getting so much out of kindy – especially in a creative sense – and I see no need to suddenly end his journey there just because of a birthday). Once we are back from our UK trip (his 5th birthday is a few days after we return), we’ll start to research the different types of schooling available, and figure out what we believe will be the best for him – I’m looking forward to attending this talk by Nathan Wallis, for a start:

Anyway, back to the topic in hand! The fun of planning Beau’s 5th birthday celebrations, starting with gift ideas…

This blog I found is a good one – one of everything, please! – Beau would definitely enjoy all the items on this list (although some things he does already have):

I’ve been putting a bit of thought into it lately, as buying significant items means having to budget for them, of course. I’m really keen to gift him things that he will get a lot of enjoyment out of, but also things that he won’t grow out of so soon – rather he (and Georgie) can continue using over the years ahead. Little investments, rather than novelty things. So the ideas at the top of our list (based on his own expressed interest, and baring in mind we plan to get him + Georgie bike’s at Christmas) are:

  1. LEGO – we’re taking him to LEGOland when we are in the UK (after affording tickets by selling old baby items!), so it would be remiss if we didn’t let him pick an early birthday gift from the Lego store!
  2. A basketball + hoop – such as this one from the Playcentre Shop (and maybe a quality second-hand hoop from TradeMe);
  3. A construction set of some kind – such as mobilo (below), or Neoformers, or a marble run, or maybe something like this, or this. We could either buy something new (very pricey though), or find a second-hand set on TradeMe if we keep our eyes peeled;
  4. Dance classes! – He already does Hip Hop at kindy each week and is thriving with it, so I’d really love to see him embracing this further (he wants to go to the school of rock, apparently!). It will be pricey – usually around $150 for a 10 week term, but he is genuinely passionate about dance.

And some smaller gift ideas are:

  • a pack of UNO playing cards;
  • a new book with a ‘starting school’ type theme, or maybe something to inspire a bit of adventure – such as this one from Lonely Planet;
  • some numeracy and literacy learning resources – either activity books, or flashcards, or something like that;
  • a kids safety knife, so he can start helping more in the kitchen – you know, now he’s a BIG boy and all!

What did you gift (or, what do you plan to gift) your 5 year old? How did you/will you acknowledge the milestone?

Hayley x

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