Georgie’s 2nd birthday: gift ideas

I wanted to do a little post to capture our gift ideas for Georgie’s 2nd birthday, after recently doing the same for Beau’s 5th.

Her 2nd birthday will occur when we are overseas on our UK trip – which is really exciting! We’ll get to have a party with family members that otherwise miss all of these milestones – we’ll get to see her Great Grandma and Great Nana, as well as her Great Aunty Lynne and my cousins’ children (who are around her age)… her second cousins? Second cousins once removed? Something like that. ‘Cuzzies’ none the less!

As we’ll be in Derbyshire – Buxton to be precise – I’m planning on taking my little family to the Chatsworth Estate, where many childhood memories of my own are held. We’ll invite family members who might want to join us, and spend a morning in the farmyard & playground, before exploring the Gardens (if she isn’t too wiped out!).

No doubt we’ll get to share cake with loved ones at tea-time – plans still to be decided, but I really like the idea of baking (like old times) with my Grandma, celebrating with family in some form or another.

2nd birthday gifts

At first I thought that getting gifts for her could be a little tricky – as we don’t want to take too much away with us, or get too much when we’re there (that we then have to somehow cart back home again) – and I’m also trying to get things that will be significant and long lasting – so, after a lot of fun musing and choosing, I’ve decided on the following:

Items to take with us to the U.K.:

  • Two little hand-painted fairy pegdolls, from LottyLollipop on Etsy – I got the English Rose and Christmas Ivy dolls & they are gorgeous! I might build her collection over the coming years; I think she will really enjoy them. They are the perfect sized gift to take along on our trip, being not much larger than my thumb, and I think she’ll have a lot of pleasure finding ‘homes’ for them wherever we go. My mum is also making her some felt ‘leaves’ as little sleeping bags for them – I will share pics once they are made, as I know we (I mean Georgie!) will cherish them. // pics of pegdolls from LottyLollipop:


    We’ll also take a few more things, which are light and won’t take up too much room in the suitcase (and will avoid us relying on any last minute shopping on our trip):

  • This gorgeous ‘seek and find’ fairy counting book (it really is lovely!):
  • This ‘flower fairy’ fuzzy-felt board:
  • And – because she loves dressing up & all this started with an idea to do a fairy-themed ‘English garden party!’ – some little fairy wings, simply from k-mart. They were about $2 and weigh next to nothing – I got two so I’ll either leave one at home for her (as no doubt the one we take won’t survive the journey home!), or I might take them both so Beau can join in with the fairy fun.

    NB: I’m conscious of keeping things gender neutral, as best able… but I’ve seen my daughter demonstrate so much pleasure in little dolls and flowers and pretty things… none of which has gotten in the way of her being a strong, adventurous, sassy little bad ass babe. So we’re embracing all things GIRL around here.

Last minute items to organise in the U.K.:

  • Wrapping paper + a birthday card!
  • Some playdough (either bought or homemade), and perhaps a colouring book and some felt-tip pens (things we can enjoy whilst we are there, but discard before flying home!).
  • And she’ll probably get to pick a little something from the LEGO store, as Beau will. (There have been murmurs of ‘spending money’ coming from Granny!) She sure enjoys joining in with Beau and his LEGO creations, but LEGO Duplo might be more suitable.

Items that will be waiting for her at home:

  • Nick is about to make a Doll’s House (something like this), that will be sitting on the coffee table waiting for her on our return. Her little fairy dolls will be able to settle in, after their own adventures! (I’ll share some pics when it’s made).
  • And I also have some ‘fairy furniture’ on the way, which I ordered from Mama Made Them on Etsy and looks like this:

Hopefully these gifts will be ones she enjoys for the next few years ahead. I feel sure she will enjoy them all, and that they’ll provide opportunities for open-ended play.

We only tend to buy the kids new toys on their birthdays and at Christmas-time (with the exception of books and crafts in the Autumn, at Easter), so spoiling them with thoughtful gifts and planned activities doesn’t feel  extravagant in the slightest. It’s a mummy and daddy’s prerogative after all. And you can’t spoil a child with love.

I’m feel so warm and excited, when I think of their upcoming birthdays – these little sweethearts bring us so much joy and endless gratitude.

How do you celebrate your little one’s birthdays?… (and do you have any ideas/tips for a 5 year old’s birthday party, when your home is too small to host?!)

ps: we narrowed Beau’s gift list down from the last post:

  • His choice from the LEGOland store;
  • A basketball + hoop;
  • 3 new books (including Wild Things);
  • A “Born to Rock” t-shirt…
  • And dance classes (still to be booked).

The dance classes are a bit of an expense, to be honest. But we see them as an investment in him; he is certainly very passionate about dance (see below!). And it also feels like a very fitting thing to do, in honour of this ‘milestone’ 5th birthday. 

I wonder what Georgie will be into when she reaches this age… will we have a little gymnast like her daddy? A budding footballer? A ballerina?! (Ooh it’s free to dream!).


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