Georgie’s 2nd birthday

Life moves on so fast, especially when you’re observing your children’s growth and development. There’s simply no chance to sit and dawdle and it’s futile trying to let these moments linger a little longer… you’ve just got to be as present as you can be, and snatch those memories as they’re passing. (Thank goodness for cameras and photographs, and the ease of typing words without the hassle of ink or writer’s cramp!).

That said, I can procrastinate with this blog. Rather than take a little time of an evening, to share some musings and images for safe-keeping – gently leaving them here, in order to revisit as often as I need to in the coming years – I make a big deal of it. Things need to make sense, either by running with a theme or having a significant connection to the last/next/yet to come… so what essentially happens is I don’t write as much as I’d like to and/or when I do write, it’s a watered down version of what really went on in my mind on the day I should have written it. Like, the moment passes.

So I’m going to try better at writing things as they occur in my mind, as best I can – not making a task list of it all – keeping it real, current, and authentic. An organic process. And chronological. Because I do like that. I’ve long since accepted my OCD tendencies of an A-type personality. 😉

So here I am – banging out blog posts that I’ve been meaning to write all week long (and some), on this evening of a full moon – because I am desperate to get outside to perform my first full moon ceremony, and then be able to blog about it (chronologically!) before it gives way to the next thing and that ‘to write’ list gets ever longer…

Oh, Georgie girl, your mama’s a bit mad!… but I have a feeling that will be one of the things about me that you’ll love (and can relate to) most of all. 😉

How are you ONLY two? Your personality is so extra.

I really delighted in celebrating your second birthday last week – we all did, of course, but let’s be honest, it’s your mama who organised the whole affair – and here are some photos for our memories.

I’ll try to spend less time on my phone as you grow older, and more time in your world… but I won’t ever stop taking photos of you and your wildness. It’s beauty.


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