Georgie’s Dolls House

When it was Beau’s 2nd birthday, Nick made him (at my request and design) a wooden play-board for his animals. I wanted something that could slip under the sofa or coffee-table and be used for imaginative play… one minute we could be in an English farmyard, the next an African savanna, or even the Amazon rainforest. I wanted something similar for Georgie’s 2nd birthday – something handmade, and timeless.

Initially we were to be celebrating her birthday in the UK, and that’s when I thought a dolls house (waiting at home for her) would be perfect – as some peg dolls were to be her ‘travelling birthday’ present.

I knew what I wanted – natural wood, something that would compliment pebbles and moss with a kind of fairy tree-house vibe, and something that we could modify and add to over time… maybe some painted vines along the roof, or sunflowers up the sides… or even pretty patterned curtains, if we was more that way inclined… Pinterest came in handy, as always.

I created a Pinterest board and sent it to Nick, trusting him to create what he would.

And here is what he made for her… slightly rushed in the end, given everything filling his days at the moment… and we do still want to stain it (well, I do, he’s not so sure), and add a few little details here and there (the stairs are likely to be cut in, and an outside balcony is coming apparently!)… but overall I’m really happy with the simplicity, yet craftsmanship of it. And I expect it’s something Georgie will grow into over the years ahead, as her imagination does so, too.

Something that has struck me, with both of these handmade gifts (the wooden play-board, as well as the dolls house), is that there aren’t many options in NZ, currently, for such things. When I was trying to purchase Georgie some hand-painted peg dolls from Etsy, for example, all the shops were based in either the UK, EU, USA, or Australia. Read: expensive shipping costs! I found such gorgeous fairy furniture, and the like, but none of it was made/for sale here in little NZ. So there is a market perhaps… and maybe some options for this income-seeking mama, who is desperate to get stuck into a creative project or two with her talented hubby!

We make a great team, I think. I dream it, he makes it… and together we’re creating magical memories for our children.

It pays to remind ourselves of that now and then, doesn’t it – when the monotony of house-keeping, the uncertainty of parenting, and stresses of work and business start to add up… our children are living in a wonderful world, which we have created for them.

There really is a lot of magic in that.

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