My girl: 21 months

It’s a gloriously sunny winter’s day here in Auckland; I’d planned to do another big walk around the Orewa Estuary with Georgie… until she spewed all through the car on the way to kindy with Beau. It was one of those ‘I’m just gonna sit on the side of the road with the hazards on until I figure out what to do about this’ moments.

Luckily, a packet of wet wipes and a very fortunately placed blanket did the trick – and I was able to get Beau to kindy at least (Georgie having fallen asleep in the car)… before she power chucked 3-4 times on the way back home. This isn’t the first time it’s happened lately… so I feel quite sure she overheated and got motion sick… but never-the-less, this isn’t how I plan to lose the remainder of my excess weight! So let’s cross all fingers and toes that it doesn’t get passed on, if it is in fact a gastro bug. 🤞🏻

Nick will collect Beau later (and finish cleaning the car seat etc for me because he’s an actual legend), so another PJ day with my girl it is!

I gave her a lovely long shower, washed and dried her hair, enjoyed some utterly gorgeous towel snuggles, and endless “paww Daw-dee”s (“poor Georgie!”) – and now I’ve been graced with an afternoon to catch up with some life admin (slash draw endless flowers for her to colour in… I really do need to practice drawing other things!).

I just wanted to share some recent photos of Georgie, now aged 21 months. She really is my wildling one, always surprising me, fierce and funny and clever, and still very much my little pixie girl. 💗

Georgie, I love how nothing much rattles you. That you always push yourself to climb higher or go further. That you don’t seem to care that you’re really quite little, actually. How you always shout “I did it!” when you’ve done something you really should not have… and how you either give me kisses or make me laugh, whenever I’m cross with you.

You’ve started telling us now exactly what it is you do (or do not!) want. And Georgie, I will do my very best to continue nurturing that spirit of yours. You are a force of nature my girl! How I love you so.

(By the end of this blog post the colouring pens have already been discarded… although not before the coffee table got a redecorating. And you are now doing roly polys from the sofa to the floor. Oh Lord help me).

Cheese for the camera!The girl with the curls!

I love our outings together. #galpals

A rare moment of stillness. You watch Pingu and I watch you.

Yoga on the coffee table?

I give up!

Yes, that’s a ‘rope burn’ across her neck. From a string of yarn I will no longer let her play with. Silly me!

“Bow-tiful” (doing the ‘Emma’).

I’m doing a photography course this Saturday. Expect better, maybe more regular snaps to come. These were just iPhone jobbies.


Add on after posting: I’ve been updating my business pages on social media these last couple of weeks (but totally avoiding looking at my personal pages or newsfeeds, as I still prefer not to be on there other than for business)… but how wonderful/fortuitous to have had a look today! Because this popped up as a “memory” – posted exactly two years ago, nearly 7 months pregnant with this bonny gal. Wow. Reflections on a second pregnancy… 🥰

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