Park life v2 🌿

I had started writing a blog post this morning about ‘the storm rolling in…,’ but then I decided to save it and to share something more enjoyable instead. Something that isn’t as pressing, or as consuming, as the current circumstances we are facing with Nick’s business and what-have-you – but it’s something that is still, very much, a real and meaningful part of our lives right now. These mornings/afternoons spent at the park, with my girl.

This is “Park life v2” because I really wanted to capture the juxtaposition of Beau and Georgie – at the same age, at the same park, just three years apart. You can see the original “Park life” blog post, with Beau: here.

I’ve got a much better camera now, and I’ve been meaning to recreate this memory with Georgie since July (as it was winter/July 2016 when I did it with Beau). But as things have been so full on, I haven’t been taking her to the park, let alone taking my camera with me… so with tomorrow being the first day of spring(!), I decided enough was enough.

The photos were taken on my cellphone, and they are anything but perfect – but if I keep aiming for perfection then so much beauty and opportunity will be missed altogether.

So here they are – memories of “Park life v2,” from this last week, when I finally got to the local park with her. And I finally recreated my memories. And yes, all those images of a nearly 2 year old Beau came flooding right back. Forever etched into my mind, just as these now are.

They could not be more similar, and more different.

I promise to bring my camera out more often this spring-time – and to get to the playgrounds with her more often, too. We’ve certainly done so over the last week or two & it’s been so very lovely.

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