Recovering after two kids

Georgie’s second birthday is drawing ever closer… in my last blog post I reflected on my second pregnancy and how it really does take two years to recover from having a baby… and now it’s time I accepted my need to fully recover. My head is all over the place, my heart is a war zone, and my body is really struggling.

Inevitably, I’ve changed since having two children – mind, body, and soul. We’re all changing, though, aren’t we; all of the time. This isn’t about me wanting to go back to how I was ‘before kids’. I really love the person I am now – with the extra scars, and wounds, and strains, comes extra life, and love, and purpose.

But the truth is, I’m not feeling my best. And that’s because I’m not taking the best care of myself. I go to bed too late, I don’t get enough exercise, and my eating habits have become lazy.

Because my basic self care is getting neglected, the bigger stuff is now suffering too – I’m struggle to focus, am rarely motivated, and all too often I’m irritable and overwhelmed. I’d question whether or not the kids are getting the best of me, but I already know the answer…

I just want to be her again:

This was me a short while before I conceived Beau and this blog began.

I mean, she’s still me! She’s still in here somewhere. It’s now time to let her back out.

She looks good, right? Because she is fit and healthy and strong… but also, far more importantly, because she emanates an internal happiness, a joy in living, and an obvious comfort in her own skin. She knows how to take care of herself and she does take care of herself. She knows what serves her best and she doesn’t need to explain herself further.

So this is where my “recovering” comes in. This is where it begins. Because it’s time… and I am ready.

It won’t be an overnight fix. It won’t be a monthly fix (look out for my “The Full Moon Project”… coming soon!). But it’s time now to start recovering. It’s been two years since I had my second baby, and it’s time to recover me.

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