Georgie’s Dolls House

When it was Beau’s 2nd birthday, Nick made him (at my request and design) a wooden play-board for his animals. I wanted something that could slip under the sofa or coffee-table and be used for imaginative play… one minute we could be in an English farmyard, the next an African savanna, or even the Amazon rainforest. I wanted something similar for Georgie’s 2nd birthday – something handmade, and timeless. Continue reading

Grounding 🙏🏼

It’s been a whole week now, since our UK trip was supposed to start. I don’t want to keep banging on about it – we’ve moved forwards and are feeling really positive about everything – trusting the process and timing of things, at least – but I do want to write about the week we’ve had. A ‘grounding’… as I do feel more grounded than I’ve done in quite some time. Continue reading