Georgie’s 2nd birthday

Life moves on so fast, especially when you’re observing your children’s growth and development. There’s simply no chance to sit and dawdle and it’s futile trying to let these moments linger a little longer… you’ve just got to be as present as you can be, and snatch those memories as they’re passing. (Thank goodness for cameras and photographs, and the ease of typing words without the hassle of ink or writer’s cramp!). Continue reading

Georgie’s Dolls House

When it was Beau’s 2nd birthday, Nick made him (at my request and design) a wooden play-board for his animals. I wanted something that could slip under the sofa or coffee-table and be used for imaginative play… one minute we could be in an English farmyard, the next an African savanna, or even the Amazon rainforest. I wanted something similar for Georgie’s 2nd birthday – something handmade, and timeless. Continue reading

Park life v2 🌿

I had started writing a blog post this morning about ‘the storm rolling in…,’ but then I decided to save it and to share something more enjoyable instead. Something that isn’t as pressing, or as consuming, as the current circumstances we are facing with Nick’s business and what-have-you – but it’s something that is still, very much, a real and meaningful part of our lives right now. These mornings/afternoons spent at the park, with my girl. Continue reading