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One Monday, a couple of weeks ago, I filmed a “Day in the Life” video – capturing moments throughout the whole day on my iPhone. I did one last year, and have enjoyed looking back over it – I only wish I had done a few of these when Beau was very little. A window into our world at this particular point in time.

I decided to do it on a Monday because the last one was also on a Monday – and there was the familiar routine of the kindy drop off and then Jumping Beans with Georgie, amongst other things. It was also a similar time of year. Maybe next time I’ll capture one of our ‘free’ days, one of those days at the end of a week which don’t have much in the way of routine…

But as it turned out, this day in the life was rather a higgledy piggledy day anyway. Lots of faffing around and running late. And Georgie (for reasons still unknown) threw up all over herself on the way home from collecting Beau in the afternoon – it was a horror show! So there was early showers, and a LOT of TV, and a tucking into bed with an audiobook on the calm app (vs mummy and daddy reading bedtime stories).

But isn’t that typical after all? The strangely monotonous and yet very much unpredictable nature of early family life.

Once the kids were tucked up asleep, Nick and I simply spent an evening on the couch – TV and books and chats. All good.

We’re not living a glamorous or fashionable life, we’re just living a real one. One that’s a bit scruffy and messy and tired, but also one that is full of love, and meaning, and gratitude.

🎥 A Day in the Life: winter 2019:

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