Park life v2 🌿

I had started writing a blog post this morning about ‘the storm rolling in…,’ but then I decided to save it and to share something more enjoyable instead. Something that isn’t as pressing, or as consuming, as the current circumstances we are facing with Nick’s business and what-have-you – but it’s something that is still, very much, a real and meaningful part of our lives right now. These mornings/afternoons spent at the park, with my girl. Continue reading

Grounding 🙏🏼

It’s been a whole week now, since our UK trip was supposed to start. I don’t want to keep banging on about it – we’ve moved forwards and are feeling really positive about everything – trusting the process and timing of things, at least – but I do want to write about the week we’ve had. A ‘grounding’… as I do feel more grounded than I’ve done in quite some time. Continue reading