5 thoughts on “VLOG // you are not broken…

  1. Hayley, this generous sharing of your heart’s truth is truly beautiful. I respect you so much for it. You’re right, you are not broken. Fragile, wanting, needing…yes, but not broken.
    My own lovely daughter went through much grief when her uterus was removed for health reasons. She already had an adored two year old, and had wanted another child. Her health was in a dire state, but rather than worry about her mortality, she grieved for her lost children. And that is what they are, lost from your dream.
    You are doing all the right things. You are not to blame. When the time is right, your body will be ready. And if the time is never right, your heart will heal.
    I look forward to hearing more and sharing your journey. You have my hand.

  2. Oh Hayley, my dear dear friend, just spent the whole time watching this wanting to reach out and give you a hug 🙁 hope to see you soon so I can

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